So where are everyone’s emotions today? Anyone affected directly or indirectly by the flood is going to experience lots of shifting emotions, and each day will be a little different. Yesterday was the first day I had a meltdown. The first several days were filled with an adrenaline rush to get people to safety, get them fed and in dry clothes. There was no time for tears. Every time I felt tears forming or a lump in my throat, I would quickly turn it off and get back to work. Then we moved into cleanup efforts, diving into the shit, literally. Again, we had to push emotions aside to get the job done. But yesterday was different because I had to go back to work. I stepped away from the energy of dealing with the flood and was forced to put my mind elsewhere. When I got home I checked Facebook, which BTW has been my lifeline for getting information, and saw several posts about KHS moving to Summer Creek. People’s comments reflected a shift in where they were in the grief process. The adrenaline is subsiding, as is the disbelief in what we are dealing with. People were trying to “bargain” and throw out ideas of how to keep kids in Kingwood, as if Humble ISD had not considered every viable option. And then there was anger. Anger at how their kids would be displaced, how their education might be compromised, and how life would be hard, very very hard. And then I watched the video of KHS, that frigging video that sent me over the edge. My son is a senior and goes to KPHS, but he was supposed to to got to KHS and we transferred before freshman year. We know the kids and families at KHS and my heart just broke as I watched in horror at the devastation. I sobbed and sobbed. All of the tears I held back all week came flowing out. There’s no more denying that what is happening is real, and it ain’t pretty. The reality we are facing is worthy of a big, fat meltdown. I think it is OK to let yourself fall apart a little right now. Let it out. Feel it to the depth of your core. Denying your grief only delays it. There is no getting around it, no matter how strong you think you are. We are moving through grief for our losses, and each day, possibly each hour will be a different emotion.