Gratitude – that’s the emotion of the day. My family and my business were spared the wrath of Harvey, and while I feel grateful for that, that is not what I am referring to. I am talking about my gratitude for all of the people coming out of the woodwork to help with recovery efforts. I am blown away by people’s generosity and kindness. We are helping an elderly couple with disabilities gut their home, and for a variety of reasons this has been no easy task. And just when I think I am going to lose my shit, some angels show up ready to work. A family with 6 children stopped to offer us a cold drink, and when they saw the mess we had they redirected their efforts and put the kids to work. Another person showed up and offered to bleach/power wash the entire house. Wow! People from Hudson and Hundreds Foundation showed up and worked their asses off. I went to Kroger to get more Gatorade for our helpers and the woman ahead of me in line paid for it. A friend from College Station sent a message about an apartment being offered for free. I don’t eat gluten, so much of the food being offered I cannot eat, but someone alerted me to a group that was distributing gluten free sandwiches. My father-in-law texted and said he is sending a big fat check. My BFF in Connecticut is collecting gift cards for me to distribute. We are reaching out to local therapists to join us in offering free counseling services and many have responded with an enthusiastic “Yes”. My 17-year old came out to help for the sixth straight day without complaint. My exhausted husband who had to work at his real job this evening, spent the day helping. AND THIS WAS JUST IN ONE DAY! If this hurricane has done one positive thing, it has restored my faith in humanity. I am on my knees in gratitude. My broken heart is being held together by the kindness of others.

Mary Beth George