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Gottman marathon counselingCouples Counseling and Psychotherapy Associates specializes in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and offers personalized marriage intensive retreats.   We are conveniently located in northeast Houston, just minutes from George Bush International Airport.

Our Marathon/Intensive Couples Therapy is an extreme relationship makeover designed for couples to change the trajectory of their relationship in a shorter period of time than traditional counseling.  Techniques used in this marriage retreat are based on the research of Dr. John Gottman and facilitated by Certified Gottman Therapists and Master Trainers for The Gottman Institute.

Marathon intensive sessions are scheduled for 2-3 days depending on your needs.  The private setting can give you the time to devote to each other and the support of a skilled therapist to have a calmer, more constructive dialogue about the issues that have plagued you.  Marathon therapy can help move couples from thinking of ending their relationship to recommitting in new ways.  The process can  create change because research has demonstrated that therapy that is done in concentrated doses can be more effective.

What are the reasons to schedule a Marathon/Intensive?

  • have you reached a crisis point and need help to make dramatic changes quickly?
  • do you live some distance away from the Kingwood area?
  • do the demands of life make it seem impossible to set aside time for weekly appointments?
  • are you hoping to jump start progress quickly?

How Does Marathon Intensive Couples Therapy Work?

Marathon Couples Therapy is a form of Gottman Method™ Couples Therapy offered by Mary Beth George and Alysha Roll. Just as in traditional couples counseling, they work with distressed couples to foster respect, friendship, and build a deeper, more secure connection with one another. They help couples keep discussions calm and productive to facilitate breakthroughs, understand each other’s inner worlds, gain skill in resolving conflicts and dealing with gridlocked issues and open up the channels of communication. Mary Beth and Alysha also weave in concepts from Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, another research based model of relationship therapy.

You may also wish to consider a Marathon Therapy/Art & SCIENCE of Love Workshop combination package. Combining marathon intensive therapy with the  Art & Science of Love Couples Weekend Workshop may be the ideal combination for some couples.  This cost-effective package includes a three-hour session on the Friday before the workshop, the dynamic and experiential Art & Science of Love Couples Workshop, and 6 hours of therapy to target specific concerns on the Monday following the workshop (alternate days and times for the individualized sessions can also be arranged).  Participants interested in this option must register at least one month prior to The Art & Science of Love Couples Workshop and contact the therapist of their choice (Mary Beth George or Alysha Roll).

Before you arrive:

Once a marathon session is booked, the process starts immediately with a confidential online assessment completed by each partner.  The assessment is a tool created by The Gottman Institute.  It illuminates the dynamics of the relationship, highlighting the strengths and areas of concern, as well as what the hopes are for counseling.

Day 1:

When you arrive for Day 1 of Marathon Therapy, you both will meet with your therapist to talk about the history of your relationship, detailing the twists and turns that helped you arrive at the current state of concern.  Your therapist will then see you each individually.  There will be a lunch break and following the break, your therapist will combine all that she has learned in your couples meeting, on-line assessments and individual sessions to talk with you about your relationship strengths and areas of concern and she will discuss the goals for therapy. Once all are in agreement, you dive right into the therapeutic process, working to achieve those intentions.   You will spend 3 hours in the morning with your therapist and another 3 hours after lunch.

Day 2:

Day 2 will consist of another 3 hour morning and 3 hour afternoon session of therapy.  During this portion of the marathon you can expect to gain new skills and tools, work to repair regrettable incidents, have an opportunity to break through previously unsolvable gridlocked issues, and have more effective and deep dialog than you have been able to achieve on your own.

After you attend:

At the conclusion of the marathon sessions, couples may choose to return for additional sessions every few weeks or months.

Who wouldn’t be a candidate for Marathon Couples Therapy?

  • couples who are not committed to the intensive nature of this therapeutic process
  • when there is an ongoing or undisclosed affair
  • when there is serious violence in the relationship
  • if one partner is suicidal or suffers from a serious mental illness.

Individual therapy may better address these issues and you may wish to speak with one of the therapists at Couples Counseling and Psychotherapy Associates to decide the best course of action for your situation.

Getting Started:

Call Mary Beth George or Alysha Roll for information on pricing, scheduling, policies related to this form of therapy. They can assist you with finding local hotel accommodations or answer any questions that you may have about the marathon process.

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