The Gottman Relationship Builder is a powerful new digital tool that brings Gottman Therapy skills to couples in the comfort of their own home, with just a click of a button on their laptop or phone.

It can be useful to couples in many ways, such as

  • augment therapy experience between sessions by giving couples a refresher on key skills learned in session with their therapist, or even learning new skills not yet discussed in therapy
  • when there are barriers to attending couples therapy, but a couple still wants to work on their relationship
  • to help prevent relapse for couples who have made progress in therapy and are extending time between sessions, or for couples who have completed therapy but want a digital toolbox to refresh them on key skills they learned
  • to help premarital couples learn skills to avoid issues in the future


How It Works

Drs John and Julie Gottman created a series of short video clips and accompanying exercises that demonstrate important relationship skills all couples need. The Relationship Builder walks couples through their research-based interventions, teaching how to interact and communicate in ways that can have long lasting impact.

There are 14 modules that contain 35 exercises and 90 exclusive videos to help build a stronger, more resilient relationship.  Once you purchase the Relationship Builder, your therapist will assign modules to supplement your therapy experience.  You will have access to the entire library of content by the completion of therapy.  If you purchase the Relationship Builder but are not participating in therapy, you will have access to all modules from the start and move through the exercises at your own pace.


The Relationship Builder is an effective way to be intentional about maintaining a happy healthy relationship.  It serves as an adjunct to therapy, but is not required by your therapist.

The cost of the Relationship Builder is $200, which is a savings of 50% when purchased through one of our therapists.  In practical terms, you get hours and hours of guided instruction for less than the cost of a 90-minute therapy session.

Relationship Builder Topics
The modules included in the Relationship Builder include:
  1. The Sound Relationship House
  2. The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse
  3. Calming Conflict
  4. Connecting through Conflict
  5. Loving Out Loud
  6. Aftermath of a Fight or Regrettable Incident
  7. Repairing Conflict
  8. Showing Up
  9. Effective Listening
  10. Goals and Dreams
  11. Trust and Commitment
  12. Finding Joy Together
  13. Gottman Conflict Blueprints
  14. Enriching Your Sex Life