Mary Beth George

 . . . is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Gottman Therapist. She works online with residents of Texas, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Mary Beth  is one of 26 Advanced Clinical Trainers worldwide for The Gottman Institute. In addition to working with couples, she is often called upon to do public speaking engagements, work with university-based programs, write blogs and contribute to articles.

Mary Beth George, Capt Associates Counselor.

Mary Beth offers Online Counseling for couples counseling, as well as marathon intensive counseling for couples.

Mary Beth is a dietitian-turned-counselor who is passionate about helping couples. While she enjoyed her years educating people to eat more healthfully, it wasn’t until she became a Certified Gottman Method Couples Therapist that she truly found her bliss by bringing more love into the world. She has a warm, humorous, no-bullshit style that helps couples turn their messy relationships into something more deeply connected.  And who doesn’t want that?

Counseling Services

Being a Certified Gottman Therapist means Mary Beth can help  . . . from singles, dating couples, the newly divorced and those seeking pre-marital counseling,  . . .all the way to couples on the brink of divorce from affairs/betrayals . . . and everything in between. Whether it’s emotional distance, loss of friendship and intimacy, parenting issues, or over-the-top conflicts, Gottman Therapy informs counselors on the best way to make movement in stuck relationships. 

From the traditional “weekly therapy hour” to multiple-day marathon intensive sessions, Mary Beth can meet the needs of her clients.  She offers evening, weekend and online sessions for those with tights schedules, babysitting issues or who live out of town.  For couples seeking more didactic skill-building, she co-leads the Art & Science of Love Couples workshop.

And as a bonus for dog lovers, Mary Beth’s sweet, standard poodle, Fred, serves as an empathetic co-therapist at times.  Feel free to request his presence in your sessions . . . he loves to say hello online.

Professional Training

As for the Professional Training part of Couples Counseling & Professional Training Associates, Mary Beth trains mental health clinicians in all levels of Gottman Therapy.  She is one of 26 Master Trainers worldwide for The Gottman Institute.  She is often called upon to do public speaking engagements, work with university-based programs, and write blogsarticles or contribute to articles.

The Official Bio

Originally from Pennsylvania, Mary Beth earned a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Penn State University.  After working for several years as a dietitian she recognized the need to augment those skills and pursued a Master of Education in Counseling from University of North Texas, graduating cum laude. She has over thirty years of experience, including teaching at Texas A&M University, working as a Therapist at Family Time Crisis and Counseling Center, and as a Clinical Manager at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.  In 2007 she and Alysha Roll joined forces to create what is now known as Couples Counseling and Professional Training Associates. After living in Texas for many years, Mary Beth and her husband relocated to Pennsylvania.  She is licensed in Texas, Pennsylvania and Delaware., and she and Alysha still conduct workshops together.  

The Nuts and Bolts

  • Mary Beth works with adults on relationships issues.  No kids or teens, but she is happy to provide a referral.
  • Session length depends on your needs.  It can be as short as 45 minutes per week or 1-3 day marathon intensive sessions.
  • Sessions are online so you can log on in your PJs, from the comfort of your own home, or if you and your partner are in different locations. 
  • Forms are accessed through Mary Beth’s client portal on Simple Practice. She accepts credit cards and Flex Debit/Health Spending Accounts.

To make an appointment with Mary Beth, please call her Cell (281) 883-2749 or Email her at


On a Personal Note . . .

Walking the walk, Mary Beth integrates her beliefs about love and healthy relationships into her personal life with her husband, college age son (Gig’ em!), and beloved poodle, Fred. She loves to travel, hates yardwork and follows a gluten free diet out of need, not choice.  Rituals of connection with her husband include cycling, hiking and their love of Thanksgiving.