Online Counseling

Convenient. Safe. Effective.
Online Counseling for Individuals, Couples and Marriage Counseling services
for all Texas, Pennsylvania, Utah and Florida residents.

Our office will provide online counseling for individual counselingcouples counseling and marathon intensive counseling to provide a safe environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online Counseling provides convenience and accessibility for individuals and couples who are unable to come to our office for live therapy. Consider online counseling if:

  • You are differently-abled or housebound
  • Live out of our service area, but still reside in Texas
  • If you have child care issues
  • If you or your therapist are ill and cannot come for a live session
  • If you prefer the convenience of working online
  • If you are a resident of Texas, Pennsylvania, Utah or Florida

Is Online Counseling Effective?

Yes! Online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy. Studies have shown there are no significant differences in the modalities. You and your therapist are still able to develop a therapeutic bond. Your therapist will be able to provide you with psycho-educational materials via email, collect payment in a secure manner, and use a HIPAA-compliant platform for your privacy concerns.

More About Online Therapy . . .

Per state regulations, to engage in online counseling you must be a Texas resident and be physically in the state of Texas for all sessions. That means that even if you are a resident of Texas, you cannot be out of the state working or on vacation when you participate in online counseling.

We will screen for fit prior to our first session.  We will either ask some general questions or have you fill out some forms ahead of our first session.

You must have a good internet connection and have some basic knowledge regarding technology. Computer glitches are the most frustrating part of doing online therapy. See below for some tips on troubleshooting common problems. If we have issues on either end we will switch to telephonic sessions as a backup plan.

We must both be in a secure area with no distractions and where confidentiality is ensured. If the session gets interrupted (we have children too, so we know what this is like) then we will pause the session until it is once again secure and confidential.

Online sessions may not be recorded by either party without prior authorization.

Online sessions are convenient. The stress of dealing with traffic, travel time and childcare are removed You get to be in the comfort of your own home, snuggle with your pet and not worry about dressing up to leave the house.

Tips for Better Online Sessions

Technology issues are ALWAYS frustrating. Improve internet quality/bandwidth by:

  • Closing out other programs
  • Moving your router closer to your computer
  • Limiting the number of users drawing on your internet (such as the kids are streaming in another room)
  • Taking your phone off of WiFi

To decrease acoustic feedback:

  • If you have Windows, disable microphone playback
  • Try reducing volume
  • Wear headphones

For better visual quality:

  • Have good lighting
  • Close blinds if there is a window behind you, or sit in a different location
  • For couples counseling, make sure your device captures both partners

For privacy and fewer distractions:

  • Turn off your cell phone
  • Close doors and instruct others not to enter
  • Alert the therapist when someone enters the room so the session can be stopped

Come prepared:

  • Grab a cup of coffee, a cozy blanket, and a notebook and pen in case you want to take notes
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