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Avoiding Relationship Killers (aka Premarital Counseling)

Friday, March 15th, 2013

One of the things I most love about my job is doing pre-marital counseling.  There is no better time to learn the secrets of keeping your friendship, passion and love alive.

While spending time and money on couples counseling when you are blissfully happy doesn’t seem necessary, giving yourself the gift of a personal relationship coach is an investment in a happy future.

You may be busy making final arrangements for the big day.  Even if you are not planning a wedding, you and your partner may be discussing living together.  If this is the case it means that you believe you have found a partner that you want to commit to and look forward to the good feelings continuing and growing stronger.

Sadly, about half of couples that marry end their relationship in divorce.  On the average, couples wait six years before seeking help for marital problems.  It is much easier to PREVENT big relationship problems from occurring rather than trying to repair them after they are in full force.  In other words, counseling is more effective when you are in the honeymoon phase and happy.

For love birds who  want to ensure a happy future, look for pre-marital counseling that covers the following:

  1. In-depth relationship assessment to see if there are any trouble spots or to let you know what areas are strengths in your relationship
  2. Advice you can use today to avoid the pitfalls so many couples make in the first years of marriage, including communication skills
  3. How to process any argument successfully and get closer at the same time.
  4. How to take breaks when you are emotionally overwhelmed and how to make repairs in your relationship.
  5. Avoiding the predictors of divorce 
  6. Learn techniques to maintain the fun, with rituals of connection.
  7. The secrets to increasing romance, intimacy, and passion in the relationship.
  8. The art of compromise and how to honor your partner’s dreams.

Premarital counseling is truly is the best gift a couple can give themselves as they embark on their happy future together.

Mary Beth George, Med, LPC, RD/LD




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